Service Technicians

A team of heavy machinery service technicians save €120,000 annually with Robovorgin


A Danish subsidiary of large international automotive and construction equipment manufacturer acts as service technicians for the construction equipment in Denmark. They use a 3rd party app to log the time they spend in the field providing services to their customers, but the app does not integrate with their ERP system and transferring data is extremely time-intensive, as well as error-prone.

The goal

Automating the process of transferring data between their service management system and their ERP system to properly transfer time and cost entries, so that invoicing can be done in time and without human errors.

What we did

Created an automated integration between the two systems that runs daily data transfers and creates entries for invoicing.

  1. 1 highly qualified FTEs saved
  2. Human errors completely eliminated
  3. Implemented within 1 month, later migrated to a new ERP system also within 1 month when they switched
  4. ROI in less than 3 months