Manufacturer of orthopedic equipment

Ortopedijos Technika Reduced Mistakes by 10X and Saved €80,000 Annually with Robovirgin.


AB Ortopedijos Technika is based in Kaunas, Lithuania, and with over 500 employees, it is the largest manufacturer of orthopedic products in the Baltic States. They had a clear goal of automating their internal processes to improve processing speed and quality, as well as enable their employees to contribute to business growth by focusing on higher value-adding tasks.


The goal

Automatically process high volumes of small orders from different customers coming in different formats for highly customizable products.


What we did

Automated order processing all the way from retrieving the daily orders to issuing invoices for the orders once they are complete

  1. Order processing orders time reduced up to 15X
  2. Eliminated human errors, reducing mistakes by 10X.
  3. Saved costs of 4 FTEs (€60,000 - €80,000 annually).
  4. One process saw a 3X increase in daily capacity, without requiring additional employees to handle the increase.
  5. An increase in customers for the client (lowered the entrance barrier by increasing efficiency, hence reducing service cost).
  6. The company became more environmentally friendly.
  7. As a side effect, side processes related to the ones we automated also saw an increase in efficiency.