Danish manufacturer of industrial chemicals

Danish Industrial Chemicals Manufacturer Increased Process Speed by 4000% and Saved €120,000 Per Year with Robovirgin.


This is a company that produces chemicals used in industrial processes to clean and protect the products from corrosion, as well as remove rust and grease.


The goal

Automate the process of creating product labels for different products in different languages when documentation is released or updated.


What we did

  1. Improved the business process flow where colored marketing-approved labels are being created and printed with a color printer (previously the client used a grayscale printer on pre-printed stickers, which was expensive and error-prone)
  2. Automated the process end-to-end from picking up a new version of documentation, all the way to printing product labels
  3. Automated the specification for dangerous goods on the label, which was previously manually done by warehouse staff (error-prone)
  4. Implemented all of this for 100+ products under 4 product groups in 30+ languages.