A Tireless 24/7 Digital Worker is a Bullet-Proof Investment

At Robovirgin, we realize that SMBs must be careful with their investments. And you are right to consider the hypothetical risks associated with first-time RPA initiatives. But here’s the good news: we specialize in helping SMBs lose their RPA virginity in the most successful way possible. And you won’t spend a dime before we analyze your particular case and provide you with a clear ROI formula.
4 key factors that determine the cost of RPA solutions:
  • 1 Your existing IT infrastructure
  • 2 The complexity of the process in need of automation
  • 3 Process documentation quality (we’ll take care of it together)
  • 4 Microsoft tools license 

We assess the timeline of the project based on the following:

  • What systems do you use to perform the task that you want to automate?
  • How often do you update these systems?
  • What are the different process scenarios?
  • What’s the percentage of untypical results?
  • Have you documented the data that needs to be processed?
  • Is the data that needs to be processed standard?
  • Does the task require two-factor authentication?
  • Does the task require scanned documents?
  • Is there enough data for functionality testing?

You may qualify for EU funding.

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