About us


At Robovirgin, we specialize in helping SMBs implement their first robotic process automation (RPA) projects in an organic fashion.

The first times are always delicate. While long-term efficiency is impossible without automation-related investments, statistics also show that globally 3 of 5 SMBs fail in their first RPA attempts. Robovirgin was founded with a mission help SMBs lose their RPA virginity in the most successful way possible.

Most small and medium-sized enterprises are interested in RPA solutions, but they also have legitimate concerns:

  • Are we ready?
  • Isn’t RPA for big corporations only?
  • Would our employees accept it as a helpful innovation, or rather as a threat?
  • How do we even know if it will work the way it’s supposed to?
  • Would the benefits outweigh the cost? And how fast?

At Robovirgin, we are uniquely positioned to address these concerns, for our experts are well-versed in both automation programming and workplace psychology. We never start a new project without first conducting a comprehensive analysis of your organizational processes and workplace routines.

Only then can we proceed with proposing a bullet-proof RPA solution that’s 100 % certain to improve the efficiency of your business operation while also boosting employee satisfaction. Once your first digital worker starts bringing ROI, Robovirgin will be ready to assist you with deeper organic RPA initiatives.